Why was Measure V placed on the ballot?

Measure V was placed on the November 3, 2020 ballot by a unanimous vote of the Sonoma City Council to help maintain the City’s service levels and ensure financial stability and sustainability.

Voters approved this local sales tax in 2012 to offset the loss of redevelopment funding and protect essential City services.  Measure V extends this funding source, which currently provides about 13% of the total revenue for general city services such as public safety and street maintenance. All revenue from this tax remains local to benefit the Sonoma community.

The City of Sonoma is using financial reserves to partially offset the current and severe economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and maintain services to the extent possible, but it has also significantly reduced its budget this year.  This has resulted in reductions to police services (elimination of three positions), neighborhood park maintenance, recreation and community services programs, and funding for capital improvement projects, among other reductions (more information can be found on the City budget page). Without sustainable funding sources such as Measure V, it will be necessary to make further cuts to City services on an ongoing basis.



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