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How do I submit a public records request?

The City Clerk is the local Elections Official who administers democratic processes such as elections, access to city records, and all legislative actions ensuring transparency to the public. The City Clerk acts as a compliance officer for federal, state, and local statutes including the Political Reform Act, the Brown Act, and the Public Records Act. … Continued

What is a public record?

Per the California Public Records Act (CA GC 6250-6270): A “public record” includes any writing containing information relating to the conduct of the public’s business prepared, owned, used or retained by the City of Sonoma regardless of physical form or characteristics. Records are not just printed or handwritten documents, they may be video recordings or … Continued

What records are exempt from disclosure?

(Partial listing, for full listing, see California Government Code Section 6250) Attorney-Client discussions are confidential, even if the agency is the client. (§§ 6254(k), 6254.25, 6276.04) Preliminary drafts, notes and memos may be withheld only if: (1) they are “not retained…in the ordinary course of business” and (2) “the public interest in withholding clearly outweighs the public … Continued

How will the public be notified of new parking rules?

The adoption of a  Downtown Parking Management Plan will be conducted at a public meeting of the City Council after it receives recommendations from the Planning Commission. Any new parking rules will be communicated to the public prior to implementation. Individuals can subscribe to receive automatic email updates about the Downtown Parking Management Plan on … Continued

Will the City be installing parking meters around the Plaza?

Priced parking around the Sonoma Plaza is not included in the Phase 1 recommendations and is not being considered at this time. One of the Phase 2 recommendations is the possible implementation of a paid parking program on the Plaza which would likely rely on technology for implementation, rather than physical parking meters for individual … Continued

Why do we need a downtown parking management plan?

The City of Sonoma is home to a unique blend of residential neighborhoods and a historic commercial district. It enjoys a regional status as a key Bay Area visitor destination and is a well-known tourist vacation spot because of the orientation of its Downtown around the Plaza. Combined, the mix of users creates parking issues … Continued

What is a downtown parking management plan?

The purpose of a downtown parking management plan is to identify the parking issues, concerns, and needs, both current and future, and to outline recommendations and strategies for improved and effective management of parking in a downtown area. Historically, a city wishing to “solve its parking problem” in a high-demand area has generally focused on … Continued

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