Register to be an emergency volunteer!

Posted on July 28, 2022

Clipboard with sign up sheet and tee shirt that says 'Volunteer'

Volunteers are a critical part of disaster and emergency response. In an effort to build a cadre of community volunteers to fill vital roles during an emergency, the City of Sonoma has partnered with the Sonoma Community Center – the City’s designated Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) as part of the City of Sonoma’s Emergency Plan – to register and screen potential volunteers for activation during a community emergency.

How to register to be an emergency volunteer:

Simply fill out the registration form online at

Once enrolled as an Emergency Volunteer in the database, volunteers will receive periodic communications to validate the volunteer’s status, continued interest in being an emergency volunteer and update the inventory of skills or equipment available. Volunteers will receive invitations to attend specialized emergency training.

More information is available online at, by calling (707) 938-4626 x1.

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