UPDATE: Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair Maintenance Work June 25 & 26

Posted on June 25, 2018

Sidewalk Repair Work Limits Map
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UPDATE – Precision Concrete Cutting (PCC) will be continuing their work on Monday, June 25th and Tuesday, June 26th. There was some remaining budget that they will be using to finish more of the remaining work on Phase 5. PCC will be working along 5th Street West, Hayes Street, and 4th Street West as funding allows.

Starting on Wednesday, April 25th, Precision Concrete Cutting (PCC) will perform limited sidewalk trip hazard repair maintenance work and inspections under contract with the City of Sonoma. PCC will work between 7 AM – 10 AM in the Plaza area, including sidewalks across the street from the Plaza and along Broadway between Napa Street and France Street. PCC will also inspect and repair sidewalks along West Napa Street and in residential areas as a continuation of the City’s annual sidewalk repair program . See a map of work limits.

PCC will work in residential areas between 8 AM – 5 PM. For trip hazards under 1.75-inches in height, PCC will repair the sidewalk through horizontal sawcutting. Sawcutting typically takes 20-30 minutes once a trip hazard within the correct parameters is identified. For trip hazards over 1.75 inches in height, PCC will provide an inspection report to the City of Sonoma. The City will notify adjacent private property owners of their responsibility to maintain the sidewalk.

The City’s sidewalk system is a vital component of the public infrastructure. The California Streets and Highway Code 5610 et seq. and the City of Sonoma Municipal Code Chapter 12.12 require that owners of lots, or portions of lots, fronting on any portion of a public street shall maintain any sidewalk in such conditions that the sidewalk will not endanger persons or property, and will not interfere with the public’s use of those areas.

To help ensure the City’s sidewalks are open and accessible to all persons, the City Council adopted the Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair Policy . This Policy was intended to minimize potential trip hazards caused by cracked and damaged sidewalks in a multi-phased approach. The scheduled maintenance work will be consistent with the Policy implementation program, and will complete Phase 4 and start Phase 5, within available budget.

The work will start in the Plaza area on April 25th, 2018 and will be continuing throughout the City until May 24th, 2018. For any questions about this maintenance work prior to construction, please call Katherine Wall. For questions during construction, please contact PCC’s representative, Joseph Ortega, at (650) 576-4303. Thank you for your patience during this critical infrastructure maintenance work


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