Subscribe to receive email notification when an affordable housing unit is accepting applications

Posted on March 10, 2022

Want to be notified when affordable units located in the City of Sonoma become available? Submit your email address on our new Affordable Housing page to receive an email directly to your inbox when property managers notify the City that an affordable unit is accepting applications. 

The City does not build affordable housing units itself. Rather, it partners with developers and affordable housing nonprofits who build and manage the units. These partners are required to notify the City when a unit becomes available. The City then posts a notice on our website. These notices will now also be automatically emailed to individuals who subscribe to receive them on our Affordable Housing Program webpage. 

About the Affordable Housing Program 

The City of Sonoma’s Affordable Housing Program, started in 1992, includes the oversight of over 300 deed-restricted affordable housing units. The program includes prequalification of potential applicants, annual reporting and oversight, and long-term planning. 

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