FAQ Topic: Cemeteries

How can I find out if my ancestor is buried at Mountain Cemetery?

The City’s records do not go back beyond 1970. We do not have any historical records on grave sites other than our walking tour map of well-known winemakers, farming and long-time valley residents. Included on this walking tour is the location of General Vallejo’s grave site. Ancestors.com and FindaGrave.com is very helpful as well as … Continued

Can anyone be buried at the Veterans Memorial Park?

The Veterans Memorial Park is for veterans that has served their country. They must have discharge papers in order to be buried in that cemetery.  The spouse may be buried with the Veteran however no other family members (eg., sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, etc.,)  may not be interred.

How do I pay for my cemetery plot/niche?

We take checks, cashier’s checks, credit cards or cash. The checks should be made payable to the City of Sonoma. For payment plans, please contact Rita Gipson at (707) 933-2218 or email her at rgipson@sonomacity.org.

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