Update on 2017 Street Rehabilitation & Water Services Replacement Project

Posted on November 27, 2017

The “Water Services Replacement” portion of the project was completed this summer as planned.  The “Street Rehabilitation” portion of the project was scheduled for completion in October; that work schedule was impacted by the firestorm.  When City staff analyzed the impact of fire-related delays on project construction, it was concluded that it would be better for Sonoma and the quality of our constructed project for the contractor to complete the street rehabilitation work during warm and dry weather in the spring.  The Public Works Department is currently working with the City’s contractor, Argonaut Constructors, to reschedule the remaining concrete replacement and paving work for the project in the spring of 2018.  In addition to the benefits to Sonoma of rescheduling the paving work for warmer weather, the change in our project schedule is allowing Argonaut Constructors to assist with post-fire clean-up work in the Santa Rosa area.

To prepare the project site for the winter season, Argonaut Constructors and its subcontractor are expected to be doing work in late November/early December to replace the temporary patches in the sidewalks and streets with more durable material. This work will take place along Avenue Del Oro (between Fifth Street East and Cordilleras Drive), Aureo Court, and El Nido Court. There will also be trench paving along Avenue Del Oro near the intersection at Appleton Way.

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