City Council Direction on Proposed Local Minimum Wage Ordinance

Posted on May 10, 2019

On May 6, 2019, the City Council received an update regarding a local minimum wage from City staff and a recommendation from the Council Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee (Mayor Harrington and Vice Mayor Harvey) regarding a proposal for a local minimum wage.  The City Council heard public testimony and then discussed policy options and alternatives.  The City Council took a number of “straw votes” to provide preliminary direction to staff regarding various components of a local minimum wage ordinance.  View or download the Minimum Wage Matrix showing the current State Law, a proposal by North Bay Jobs for Justice, the proposal by the Council Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee, and May 6th direction from the City Council (two columns on the right side).  Based on this direction, the City Attorney is drafting a local minimum wage ordinance which will be considered for action by the City Council (first reading of the ordinance) at its May 20th meeting.

For more information, visit the Minimum Wage Study page.

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