City Council Request for Broadway Restriping Preference to Caltrans

Posted on April 30, 2020

At the April 20th City Council meeting, City staff presented an overview of the Broadway Restriping project which provided an opportunity for the City of Sonoma to request a striping configuration for Broadway after a Caltrans street resurfacing project is completed.  The Caltrans project is planned for the 2020/21 timeline.  As a reminder, Highway 12 (which includes the Broadway Corridor) is owned by the State of California and Caltrans is responsible for maintenance and improvements.  The purpose of the April 20th meeting was to have the City Council determine their preference for striping options and to communicate that to Caltrans for their consideration.

The results of a public engagement on-line survey were presented to the City Council.  The Council discussed, considered the Broadway Restriping Survey results, and gave direction to staff regarding a request to Caltrans for consideration in Caltrans’ 2020-2021 paving and restriping project.  The City Council provided a primary recommendation and a back-up recommendation.

The primary recommendation (outlined below) retains two lanes of traffic northbound from MacArthur Street to Napa Street at the Plaza and two lanes southbound from France/Andrieux Street to MacArthur Street.  It removes one lane of the southbound traffic from Napa Street (at the Plaza) to France/Andrieux Street to create additional space for bike lanes.  The middle turn lane is retained as currently striped.  The back-up recommendation (if the primary recommendation had issues determined by the consulting Traffic Engineer or if Caltrans was not supportive) was to retain the current number of traffic lanes in the current configuration.

Primary Direction

Broadway from MacArthur Street to France Street

  • Two motorist lanes in both directions
  • Center turn lane
  • Modified standard bike lanes on both sides with a 2.5’ buffer
  • Parallel parking on both sides.
Cross Section, Standard Bike Lane, 5 Lanes
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Broadway from France/Andrieux Street to Napa Street

    • Two motorist lanes northbound
    • Center turn lane
    • One motorist lane southbound
    • Modified standard bike lanes on both sides with a 3’ buffer
    • Parallel parking on both sides
Primary Direction - Modified Standard Bike Lane (4 Lanes)
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The Broadway Restriping survey results showed that 40% of respondents would cycle more often on Broadway if there was a bike lane.  The survey results also showed a ranking of the three options which resulted in 61% selecting the Standard Bike Lane (with two vehicle lanes each direction) as the preferred option and 39% selecting either the Buffered Bike Lane option or the Parking Protected Bikeway option (with one vehicle lane in each direction).

Staff is transmitting the City Council’s request to Caltrans for consideration in the paving project that is scheduled to begin work in November 2020, with paving in Spring 2021.

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