Fryer Creek Trail & Madera Park

Fryer Creek Trail is a 1-mile paved creekside trail, part of the City’s bicycle network. It begins north of West MacArthur near the intersection of 3rd St. W. and Arroyo Way (with a connector path along the east branch between 2nd and 3rd Streets West). The trail continues south of West MacArthur along the creek to Leveroni Road. A trail connector runs west toward Hertenstein Park. Benches are located along the trail.

A pedestrian/bicycle bridge crosses to Madera (Fryer Creek) Park, located along the east side of the creek along Fryer Creek Drive. Picnic tables are available.  The paved trail continues along Fryer Creek Drive and connects to Jean K.T. Carter Park.

To plan your route, view the City’s Bicycle Map.

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