Sonoma City Council 2024 Goals

Setting Council goals plays a pivotal role in shaping both the organization and the community, defining priorities, and providing a clear vision for the future. Each year, City Council members convene a special meeting to set the City's course, establishing yearly goals that align with the envisioned future and guide decision-making across all levels of City government. This collaborative goal-setting process ensures Council consensus on policies and projects, directly impacting residents, businesses, and the community.

These established goals become the foundation for the City Manager to set priorities, direct work activities, and allocate staffing and financial resources effectively. At the Lodge at Sonoma on February 2nd, during the 2024 Goal Setting Session, the Sonoma City Council identified five (5) main goals to focus on for this year. These goals are set for consideration and ratification at the upcoming City Council meeting on February 21st. If you'd like to delve into the discussions and decisions made during this session, please watch the recording and view the PowerPoint presentation from the session.


The Council unanimously commits to addressing housing needs across all levels. From affordable housing to market-rate residences, diverse options are envisioned. The Council discussed potential strategies, emphasizing efficiency in Housing Element implementation—streamlining processes, simplifying procedures, and exploring fair fee structures. Financial viability for housing projects is a priority, urging exploration of various funding options. Collaborating with partners, both public and private, is key to leveraging resources and expertise for innovative solutions. Additionally, the Council acknowledges the need for compassionate strategies to support and house unhoused community members.


The City Council discussed the initial steps in exploring annexation options and opportunities for areas adjacent to the City of Sonoma. This would begin with obtaining affirmation from the Sonoma City Council and the Sonoma CountyBoard of Supervisors to request a comprehensive study developed by the  Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) that will guide decisions, assessing the feasibility and benefits of annexation for the greater good of our community. In addition, a community engagement process would gather input from those who live in the City of Sonoma and the potential annexation area. The Council emphasized that the process should be transparent and prioritize an inclusive public engagement process to ensure residents are active participants in decision-making.

Economic Development/Revenue Stewardship

Asserting a dedication to economic vitality, the Council intends on creating a business-friendly environment, vital for economic development. Attracting, retaining, and diversifying businesses aligns with economic goals. Identifying and implementing revenue-enhancing strategies ensures financial stability for essential services. Exploring diverse financial resources, including grants and bonds, supports potential economic development initiatives. The Council also considers nurturing small businesses through targeted support programs, fostering entrepreneurship and community resilience.

Climate Mitigation and Adaptation

The Council aspires to position the City of Sonoma as a leader in climate action, responding proactively to the challenges of a changing climate. By implementing recently adopted climate action strategies, the city aims to reduce its environmental impact and inspire neighboring communities.

Key initiatives include improving public transit to promote sustainable transportation and expanding and protecting the city's tree canopy to enhance climate resilience. These measures, alongside potential additional strategies, signify the City of Sonoma's commitment to setting a trend in effective climate mitigation and adaptation. Through community engagement and collaboration, the city strives to demonstrate the positive influence local efforts can have on the global fight against climate change.

Parks and Recreation/Community Services

The City is interested in creating a Parks and Recreation Department to provide enhanced recreational sites and services for residents of all ages. Exploring a potential tax revenue measure to ensure a robust staffing and organizational structure for efficient service delivery is essential. Collaborating with community partners, supporting and promoting the arts, and preserving and enhancing the cemetery as a sacred space and vital community history element, as well as encouraging community engagement through volunteer opportunities, are also priorities within this goal.

In addition, the City intends to create a comprehensive plan for the Plaza Park, including a master plan and landscape management plan, to ensure it remains a vibrant and well-maintained community hub. Additionally, the Council wishes to explore conservation easements in commitment to protect and preserve natural resources.

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