Sonoma County Spring Shake Out

AprApril 18 2024

A graphic with a blue background, white text with orange highlights promoting an Earthquake drill.

The Sonoma County Spring ShakeOut is an opportunity to participate in a countywide earthquake drill. During the Spring ShakeOut you will have an opportunity to practice “Drop, Cover, and Hold On!”, which is the recommended action to take when the earth shakes. All Sonoma County residents, along with their family and friends, are encouraged to participate. On April 18 at 10:00 am, Drop, Cover, and Hold On wherever you are, to prepare yourself for the next earthquake! Register for the event today!

By registering for the Shakeout, you are one step closer to preparing yourself for a potential disaster and can have ease of mind knowing that you, along with your community members, are taking the necessary steps to get ready!

When registering for the event, you can also sign up to receive a SoCo Alert that will notify you when the Sonoma Spring ShakeOut is taking place.

Registering for the event will allow you to enter a giveaway for a chance to win an Emergency Go Bag from the County of Sonoma, Department of Emergency Management!

What you can do to prepare for Earthquake

An earthquake can strike without warning, at any time of year, day or night. Everyone needs a plan that includes how to prepare, what to do when the ground starts to shake, and how to respond and help neighbors, families, and friends in the time immediately following a shake. At 10:00 am on April 18th Drop Cover and Hold On wherever you are, to help you be ready for the next earthquake.

The following are some preparedness tips on what to do during an earthquake:

Prepare NOW

  1. Practice makes perfect! Practice the Drop, Cover, Hold On earthquake drill with family and neighbors. Hold on to any sturdy furniture until the shaking stops.
  2. What could fall on you, your family, or pets in an earthquake? Secure items, such as televisions, and objects that hang on walls. Store heavy and breakable objects on low shelves.
  3. Consider obtaining an earthquake insurance policy whether you own or rent your residence
  4. Make sure you have supplies for the whole family for at least 7 days in your Shelter in Place Kit in case getting on the road is challenging
  5. Learn more on the Sonoma County Emergency Preparedness website.
  6. If you live near or visit the coast, be sure to learn more about Tsunami
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