Please Take Note: When you email the City Council, your email becomes a public record. You should not include any private information (such as your phone number, home address, or minor children's names) in your correspondence to Council. 

Jade Filippi Development Services Supervisor 707-933-2205 Email
Steve Akre Fire Chief 707-996-2102 Email
Wendy Atkins Associate Planner 707-933-2204 Email
Rebekah Barr City Clerk 707-933-2216 Email
Mike Berger Public Works Director 707-938-3332 Email
Mike Brett Water Conservation Coordinator 707-933-2247 Email
Joe Burroughs Plans Examiner 707-933-2209 Email
Sue Casey Acting City Manager 707-933-2215 Email
Matt Courpet Permit Technician 707-933-2206 Email
Liz Garcia Deputy Finance Director 707-933-2235 Email
Rita Gipson Administrative Assistant 707-933-2218 Email
Oriana Hart Public Works Administrative and Project Manager (707) 933-2233 Email
Lisa Janson Senior Management Analyst 707-933-2220 Email
Ryan Kodama Accountant 707-933-2236 Email
Cathy Lanning Human Resources 707-933-2217 Email
Cathy Martindale Administrative Assistant - Public Works 707-938-3332 Email
Anthony Navarro Parks, Cemeteries, and Facilities Supervisor 707-933-2239 Email
Chris Pegg Public Works Operations Manager 707-933-2245 Email
Tommy Plume Streets Supervisor 707-933-2232 Email
Orlando Rodriguez Police Chief 707-996-3602 Email
Monique Saviez Management Analyst 707-933-2237 Email
Nicki Stevens Accounting Technician 707-933-2237 Email
David Storer Planning and Community Services Director 707-933-2201 Email
Kristina Tierney Associate Planner 707-933-2202 Email
Sarah Tracy Senior Management Analyst & Public Information Officer 707-338-3759 Email
Erica Warren Environmental Compliance Analyst 707-933-2229 Email
Wayne Wirick Development Services Director/Building Official 707-933-2211 Email
Jenny Yankovich Assistant to the City Manager 707-933-2205 Email
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