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Stage 2 Water Shortage effective July 1  --  Help Sonoma reduce water use by 20%


Please Take Note: When you email the City Council, your email becomes a public record. You should not include any private information (such as your phone number, home address, or minor children's names) in your correspondence to Council. 

Steve Akre Fire Chief 707-996-2102 Email
Wendy Atkins Associate Planner 707-933-2204 Email
Rebekah Barr City Clerk 707-933-2216 Email
Mike Brett Water Conservation Coordinator 707-933-2247 Email
Joe Burroughs Plans Examiner 707-933-2209 Email
Sue Casey Assistant City Manager 707-933-2235 Email
Colleen Ferguson Public Works Director/Engineer 707-933-2230 Email
Rita Gipson Administrative Assistant 707-933-2218 Email
Oriana Hart Environmental Compliance Analyst (707) 933-2233 Email
Lisa Janson Senior Management Analyst 707-933-2220 Email
Ryan Kodama Accountant 707-933-2236 Email
Cathy Lanning Human Resources 707-933-2217 Email
Anthony Navarro Parks, Cemeteries, and Facilities Supervisor 707-933-2239 Email
Chris Pegg Public Works Operations Manager 707-933-2245 Email
Tommy Plume Streets Supervisor 707-933-2232 Email
Orlando Rodriguez Police Chief 707-996-3602 Email
David Storer Planning and Community Services Director 707-933-2201 Email
Kristina Tierney Associate Planner 707-933-2202 Email
Garrett Toy City Manager (707) 933-2218 Email
Sarah Tracy Management Analyst 707-338-3759 Email
Wayne Wirick Development Services Director/Building Official 707-933-2211 Email
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