Special Public Comment Instructions During COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted on April 10, 2020

Consistent with Executive Orders No.-25-20 and No. N-29-20  from the Executive Department of the State of California and the Sonoma County Health Official’s March 17, 2020 Shelter in Place Order, the City Council Chambers will not be physically open to the public and City Council Members will be teleconferencing into the meeting via an electronic meeting platform. The meetings will continue to be live-streamed on the City’s CivicWeb Portal and YouTube Channel.

Public comment for City Council meetings will only be accepted via email to publiccomment@sonomacity.org.  Public comment can be submitted at any time, however,  in order to be read into the record during the meeting, it must be submitted after the Mayor calls the meeting to order and prior to the close of the Public Comment period the pertinent item. It will be read into the record with a maximum allowance of 2 minutes per individual comment, subject to the Mayor’s discretion. Only one email per item can be submitted by each member of the public. Any comments received prior to the commencement of the meeting will be handled in the current manner and uploaded to the public correspondence folder on the City’s CivicWeb Portal. It will not be read during the meeting.

Specifically, the process for public participation will be as follows:

  • The Mayor convenes the meeting.
  • The public can submit their comments via email to publiccomment@sonomacity.org (this is the only email that will be monitored for public comment during the meeting).
  • The City Clerk or her designee will begin reading the comments into the record upon receipt of the first email.  All emails received during this three-minute public period will be read into the record. Public comment that is read will be limited to two minutes per each emailed comment.
  • If an email is submitted after the Public Comment period closes,  it is not accepted into the record and not read into the record.
  • All public comment emails received during the meeting will be uploaded to the public correspondence folder.

Any member of the public who needs accommodations should email or call the City Clerk or ADA Coordinator who will use their best efforts to provide reasonable accommodations to provide as much accessibility as possible while also maintaining public safety in accordance with the City procedure for resolving reasonable accommodation requests. Information about reasonable accommodations is available on the City website at www.sonomacity.org/ada.

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