Do “owners” need to be Live Scanned?

Yes, owners are required to complete the Live Scan process in addition to completing and submitting the supplemental owner/employee background application which is posted on the Cannabis Retail RFP page on the City’s website.

Background materials and responses to the RFP in total shall not exceed 125 pages”. If we have 10 owners, that would be 10 Owner Background\Live Scan forms included in application packet which reduces our RFP response to 115 pages.

  1. Is Background materials, additional information, exhibits, attachments excluded from the 125-page limit? The 125-page limitation does not include background related material.
  2. If no, may you please clarify what items in the RFP are not going to count towards the 125-page limit? Background and Financial related material are the only items which may be excluded from the 125-page limitation.  All other responsive documentation to the RFP: Commercial Cannabis Business Initial Application/Proposal, evaluation criteria found in Appendix A, exhibits and/or attachments are to be included in the 125 pages.
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