What are Sonoma’s smoking laws and how are they enforced?

In 2016, Sonoma voters approved Measure W, which expanded the City’s existing regulations on smoking and tobacco product use.

No smoking is allowed in the following areas:

  • Public places such as parks, paths, streets and sidewalks;
  • Public events such as festivals, fairs, farmers markets and concerts;
  • Dining areas such as restaurants and bars;
  • Service areas such as ATM or ticket lines, bus stops, etc.
  • Multi-unit residences including indoor common areas such as apartments, hotels, and motels.

Smoking is permitted a minimum of 25 feet from areas where smoking is prohibited and in private residences without shared walls. A “designated smoking area” may be created if it meets criteria established in the ordinance.  Details can be found on our smoking ordinance page.

For Enforcement, contact the City of Sonoma Code Enforcement office,  codeenforcement@sonomacity.org,  phone: (707) 867-2796


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