What is the difference between Sonoma’s Minimum Wage and Living Wage Ordinances?

The City of Sonoma’s Minimum Wage Ordinance (Sonoma Municipal Code Section 2.80) was adopted in 2019.  It established a minimum wage to be paid to any person who in a particular week performs more than two hours of work within the geographic boundaries of the City of Sonoma for an employer.  Learn more about the Minimum Wage ordinance here.

The City of Sonoma’s Living Wage Ordinance (Sonoma Municipal Code Section 2.70) was adopted in 2004. The Living Wage applies only to a limited number of entities, and only if they employ more than six employees. These include the City of Sonoma itself and organizations that receive funding or financial assistance above certain levels from the City.  Learn more about the Living Wage ordinance here.

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