What City services would Measure V continue to support?

All of the revenue from the local sales tax is spent locally for the benefit of the Sonoma community.  Measure V revenues go into the City’s General Fund, which provides basic city services including 911 emergency response, fire and ambulance services, police services, emergency preparedness, street and parks maintenance, planning and building services, and service contracts with local nonprofits serving youth, seniors, and the homeless, among other priorities set by the City Council.

The largest share of the General Fund budget pays for fire, ambulance, and police services (over half the total budget), followed by maintenance of local streets and parks (including the Plaza).  As a result of the City’s ongoing investment in its streets, the City of Sonoma currently has the second highest street condition rating in Sonoma County. Cities that practice preventive maintenance have lower long-term pavement costs and safeguard their investment in local streets and roads.

Learn more at sonomacity.org/city-budget.


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