Revised Adopted Housing Element Now Available

Posted on April 13, 2023

Housing Element Update

The City of Sonoma has made minor revisions to the Adopted 6th Cycle Housing Element After receiving comments from the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). The revisions address the following:

  • Updated Program 20 to include Site 11. HCD noted that sites with a pending project do not have to be included in the rezoning effort. See revisions to Housing Plan page HP-21.
  • Updated Program 15, Paragraph J to specify the use permit finding referenced by HCD in its letter.  See revisions to Housing Plan page HP-16.
  • Update Program 15, Paragraph K to specify that 36 feet accommodates 3 stories.  See revisions to Housing Plan page HP-16.
  • DeNova Homes/Montaldo Apartments project counted toward RHNA. See revisions to the Housing Element Background Report page HBR-106.

There were no changes to the Appendices (Part 3)

The revised adopted Housing Element can be viewed on the City’s website in three parts:

Learn more on the Housing Element Update web pages.

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