Sonoma’s Water Supply

The City of Sonoma relies on Sonoma Water, the region’s wholesale water supplier, for approximately 90% of our water supply. The majority of Sonoma Water’s water supply water comes from the Russian River. Sonoma Water distributes this water through an aqueduct system to water contractors in Sonoma and Marin counties, including to the City of Sonoma and the Valley of the Moon Water District in Sonoma Valley.

Current Reservoir LevelsThe State of California, and the Russian River in particular, is in the second consecutive year of extremely dry conditions due to historically low rainfall totals. Lake Sonoma provides water to the Russian River.  On June 14, 2021, the State Water Resources Control Board issued an order that requires that Sonoma Water and its water contractors reduce total diversions from the Russian River by 20% compared to the same period of 2020 from July 1 through mid-December, 2021.

Learn more about the City of Sonoma water supply and distribution system.

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