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Water Division

Water DivsionProviding High Quality, Dependable Water!   Residents, visitors and businesses in Sonoma count on the City to deliver high quality, dependable water for a variety of community needs including consumption, irrigation and fire protection.  The Water Utility is funded through the Water Enterprise Fund.  The City’s water sources come from the Sonoma County Water Agency Aqueduct and wells. The City’s water system is a complex system of gravity, pumps, pipes, and tanks to distribute water to residences and businesses.

The Water Division is supervised by the City's Interim Water Supervisor, Mike Maestas.  The Division has 5 full-time employees, including the Supervisor. The City operates and maintains 4,404 water service connections/meters, 1,437 valves, 476 fire hydrants, six water tanks, eight wells, two booster pump stations, and 58 miles of underground water main pipes.  Last year, over 524 million gallons of water were delivered to customers.  The Water Utility’s primary responsibility is to deliver safe and reliable water to City residents and the outside service area, while seeking to improve water supply reliability and water conservation.  City water continues to meet all state and federal drinking water standards.

City of Sonoma Water Supply and Distribution System

Sonoma’s primary source of water is from the Russian River, supplied by the Sonoma County Water Agency (Sonoma Water ).  Sonoma Water  pumps water that is naturally filtered through rock, sand and gravel from wells about 100 feet below the river bed and transports that water down Sonoma Valley in an underground aqueduct.  The City has seven deep wells that supplement the purchased water supply.  These wells are an important source of local water supply that would be vital in an emergency that disrupts the flow of water from the aqueduct.

Water distribution facilities owned by the City include four storage tanks, two booster stations, and the necessary water mains and appurtenances for purveying water within the service area. The City is also connected to two storage tanks owned by Sonoma Water.

The City of Sonoma Water Division strives to provide the following services for the community and its citizens:

  1. To supply safe and reliable drinking water in accordance with California and Federal Regulations.
  2. To supply water at reasonable rates consistent with cost-effective conservation.
  3. To maintain sufficient water pressure in the drinking water system to ensure successful fire protection.
  4. To provide water to critical facilities.

Wastewater collection and treatment services in Sonoma are provided by the Sonoma Valley County Sanitation District.

The City is a member of the Sonoma Valley Groundwater Sustainability Agency.

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