Fryer Creek Pedestrian & Bicycle Bridge Project

Project Location:  Located over Fryer Creek at Newcomb Street, extending east along Newcomb Street to the intersection of Newcomb Street and Fryer Creek Drive.

Project Description:  This project consists of the construction of a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge and path over Fryer Creek as well as circulation and accessibility improvements to Newcomb Street and Fryer Creek Drive. The bridge will be a green-painted, prefabricated steel truss bridge, and will be approximately 48 feet long and 8 feet wide. The project also includes construction of a new 8-foot wide, 60-foot long paved bicycle and pedestrian path. The new path will extend from the eastern bridge approach to the existing residential driveway on the north side of New Street. Approximately 30 feet of the path will fork into two 4-foot paths in order to preserve two existing trees along the route. City bike trail signage, directional striping, and bollards will be installed along the path to guide users and encourage safe travel. The bicycle and pedestrian path will be located within the City right-of way. This project is partially funded with a Sonoma County Transportation Authority One Bay Area Grant.

Project Status:  In 2018 the City will begin scoping the environmental and design portions of the project.

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