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Sonoma Valley Oaks Enhancement Project

Location: 440 Engler St.

Description:  Sonoma Valley Oaks Park is a 1-acre City park with a shade structure and benches.

Sonoma Oaks development was established in 2000 with the Engler Park as the center. This park was initially developed with flood retention in mind and was built without a playground.

Proposed enhancements at the Sonoma Oaks may include re-grading and resurfacing one corner of the park to accommodate a small-sized playground as well as the development of a picnic and seating area adjacent to the playground. Enhancements will require bringing portions of the park pathway up to the current ADA code and will include pathway and parking improvements accordingly.

The primary source of funding for this project will be derived from the Parks for All Measure M, which entails a 1/4 Cent sales tax dedicated to supporting park projects. Supplementary financial support will be sourced from the City's general fund.

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The City of Sonoma recently completed a comprehensive Parks Assessment in March 2022 to evaluate the condition of its seventeen parks and address the changing recreational needs of its residents. An essential goal of this assessment was to align with the recommendations proposed by the Recreation Task Force, contributing to the creation of a robust list of park improvement projects. These projects would strategically leverage Measure M funding and other general funds to enhance the infrastructure of the City's parks and provide an enjoyable experience for the community.

This initiative was undertaken by a dedicated team from the City Staff, who conducted thorough field assessments covering various aspects of the parks, including facilities, landscaping, accessibility, and community engagement opportunities. The assessment sought to provide a comprehensive understanding of each park's condition and identify areas in need of improvement. The resulting report, which will be released at a later date, outlines specific recommendations for significant infrastructure improvements in the City-owned parks.

These findings informed the staff's recommendations for park projects scheduled for initiation in the 2023/2024 fiscal year. Staff prioritized the three parks – Olsen, Sonoma Valley Oaks, and a New Park at 5th St. W & W MacArthur St - with the most urgent repair needs during the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) budget process, and these recommendations were subsequently approved by the Council as part of the FY 23/24 budget process.

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