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The City of Sonoma has declared a Stage 1 Water Shortage | Water customers are urged to reduce water use by 15%

Drip Irrigation

Water Conservation

Water is a precious and limited resource in California. Reducing your consumption of water through conservation measures helps to save this resource while reducing the energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas pollution to pump, treat, and distribute water in addition to pumping and treating wastewater.

Below are various resources to help you save water including Water Conservation Tools, Water Conservation Actions, and free Water Conservation Assistance, in addition to Water Conservation FAQs.


Water Conservation Actions


Irrigate only between midnight and 6:00 a.m. to reduce water loss evaporation


Reduce and replace turf with native and drought resistant plants


Cover pools and hot tubs to reduce evaporation


Check for leaks in your irrigation system weekly and households (e.g., faucets and toilets) at least monthly


Install a low flow shower head and ink faucet aerator


Upgrade to water efficient appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines

Water Conservation Technical and Financial Assistance

  • Cash rebates are available for the removal of turf that reduces the need for irrigation.
  • Water Sense is a labeling program designed to find water-efficient products, new homes, and programs that meet the US EPA’s criteria for efficiency and performance.

Water Conservation FAQs

Water conservation resources are available through our Public Works department.  Thank you for you conservation efforts!

Yes, the city provides cash rebates for the removal of turf thereby reducing the need for irrigation and reduced energy consumption.

All of these water conservation devices are available free of charge at City Hall during normal business hours.

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