Plaza Enhancement Project

Waste Receptacle Replacement & Bike Rack Installation

An overhead view of the Sonoma Plaza showing the locations of the new waste receptacles.
An overhead view of the Sonoma Plaza showing the locations of the new waste receptacles.

This project encompasses the replacement of all outdated waste receptacles and the installation of new bike racks strategically positioned near playgrounds and the Sonoma County Transit bus stop.

Existing trash and recycling receptacles will be swapped for new Bigbelly Waste Management Solutions Waste Receptacles. The approved design aligns with current waste color schemes and complies with SB1383 composting requirements. This entails the incorporation of three grey bins, each featuring the necessary waste stream colors (black, green, and blue) on their doors and tops.

Following the waste receptacle replacement, a set of  "Inverted U" bike racks will be installed in various locations within the park, including those adjacent to each playground structure and the Sonoma County Transit Bus station.

Financed by Prop. 68, this initiative reflects our commitment to enhancing both waste management and sustainable transportation infrastructure within our community

Current Status

The brand-new waste receptacles and bike racks have arrived and are currently in the process of being assembled. Starting February 7th, the Public Works crews will be strategically staging equipment and materials on the North side of the City Hall staff parking lot. During this week, the crews will kick off the removal of the old waste receptacles and initiate the installation of the new ones.

The installation process is estimated to span 2 to 3 weeks, subject to weather conditions. Following the successful replacement of the waste receptacles, crews will transition into the preparatory phase for the installation of the bike racks.


Waste receptacles replacement is expected to be completed by the last week of February and the bike racks are expected to be installed mid-March.


In 2019, the Public Works department and the former Community Services and Environmental Commission (CSEC) initiated a project to enhance waste receptacles in Plaza Park. Collaborating with City staff, Sonoma County Waste Management Agency, and Sonoma Garbage Collectors, they researched designs for improved receptacles to enhance aesthetics, serviceability, and waste sorting. After obtaining a Prop 68 State Grant of $185,015 in 2022, a custom three-bay waste receptacle design was proposed. City Council requested reassessment, leading to a presentation to the Park Recreation and Open Space Commission in 2023, gaining approval. In FY 23/24, Public Works proposed using the grant to replace all Plaza waste receptacles, with 81 units from Bigbelly Waste Management Solutions. City Council approved the new Bigbelly Waste Management Solutions Waste Receptacles at thier July 19th meeting.

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