Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program-Resources for Designers, Engineers, Architects, and Proponents of New Developments or Redevelopment Projects

Land development and redevelopment projects often result in the creation or replacement of impervious areas. Impervious areas such as paving, building footprints, and rooftops prevent rainwater from infiltrating into the ground beneath. Impervious areas increase the amount of stormwater runoff from a site, which can lead to negative impacts to the storm drain system and creeks.

New development and redevelopment projects which create or replace more than 2500 square feet of impervious area in the City of Sonoma must take all necessary steps to reduce the downstream impacts from new and replaced impervious areas associated with the project pursuant to applicable provisions in the City’s current NPDES Permit. The current version of the City’s NPDES Permit can be accessed here.

Guidance for applicants seeking approvals for projects that will create or replace more than 2500 square feet of impervious areas is available at the link below:

Click to view/download the BASMAAPost-Construction Manual

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