Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program

The Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program works to protect local creeks and the bay from pollutants associated with stormwater runoff. Stormwater runoff occurs when rain falls on impermeable surfaces such as roofs and streets and collects in storm drains before flowing into local creeks. Unlike waste water entering the sanitary sewer from sinks and toilets, stormwater runoff collected in the storm drain system is not treated before being discharged to a creek. Pollutants commonly found in stormwater runoff are soil, pesticides, litter, pet waste, and automotive products such as oil and grease.

The three creeks receiving stormwater runoff from the City of Sonoma are Nathanson Creek, Sonoma Creek, and Fryer Creek.

Report a Spill or Illegal Dumping in a Creek or Storm Drain


  • To report spills or illegal dumping into a creek or storm drain, please call the City of Sonoma Environmental Compliance Analyst at (707) 933-2229.

Stormwater Contact Information

Erica Warren
Environmental Compliance Analyst

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