Water Leaks & Service Problems

The City of Sonoma is concerned about water leaks.  Visible leaks are typically reported by customers.  The City also has a leak detection program that actively searches for leaks throughout the distribution system.  The City is responsible for the water line on the street side of the water meter.  The water customer/property owner is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the water line on the property side of the meter.

Service Problems

To report a leak, outage, or water quality issues:

  • during normal business hours, call (707) 938-3681 for immediate assistance
  • outside normal business hours, call the Sonoma Police Department dispatch (handled through the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office) at (707) 996-3601. They will contact a City utility staff member to report the emergency. If a utility staff member responds to a property-side water line problem outside normal business hours, the customer will be charged for a minimum of 3 hours of staff time (approximately $200-$250).


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