Depot Park HVAC Project

Depot Park Building Plans from 1978Current Status

The City of Sonoma is currently accepting proposals for the installation of a new all-electric Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning  (HVAC) System for the Depot Park Museum Building. The Notice to Bidders and the original plans for the building are available in the "Project Documents" section below.

The City of Sonoma will receive bids online via the City of Sonoma Planroom portal until 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 14, 2023.

Project Location

The Depot Park Museum, 270 First St W, Sonoma CA 95476


The Depot Museum building was constructed in 1978 as a replica of a train depot building that existed on the site previously. The building's existing HVAC system is aging and the natural gas-powered furnaces have been inoperable since last summer when the underground natural gas service line was severed during removal of a nearby tree stump. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with continued operation of the existing natural gas-fueled furnaces and avoid a costly natural gas service relocation, the City will be updating the entire system to be all-electric. The City’s goals for the HVAC replacement project also include minimization of new penetrations in the existing  building walls to the extent practicable, as well as preservation of existing usable floor space within the interior of the building to the extent practicable.

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