FAQ Topic: Accessory Dwelling Units

Is an off-street parking space required for an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

The City’s municipal code requires that one off-street parking space with an all-weather surface shall be provided for the exclusive use of the ADU, in addition to the parking that is required for the primary dwelling. The parking space for the ADU may be allowed in the driveway and in tandem.  However, the parking requirement … Continued

Is a building permit required for any type of Accessory Dwelling Unit?

Yes, a building permit is required for all proposed dwelling unit types. Fire-Resistive Construction. Pursuant to Section R302of the CA Residential Code as amended by the City of Sonoma, Dwelling units in two-family dwellings shall be separated from each other by wall and floor assemblies having not less than a 1-hour fire-resistance rating where tested in … Continued

What are the size and height requirements for Accessory Dwelling Units?

Attached accessory dwelling unit. The minimum floor area is 150 s.f.  The minimum dimension of any habitable room, except kitchens, is 7 feet in any horizontal direction (CA Residential Code R304.2).  The minimum ceiling height shall comply with the CA Residential Code. The maximum size is 30 percent of the existing living area of the … Continued

Who can live in an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

Anyone can live in an accessory dwelling unit, junior accessory dwelling unit, or efficiency dwelling unit. The owner of the property shall reside on the property in either the main or accessory dwelling unit (upon construction). Accessory dwelling units, junior accessory dwelling units, or efficiency dwelling units may be rented for periods of 30 days … Continued

Where are Accessory Dwelling Units allowed?

The following applies to Accessory Dwelling Units, Junior Accessory Dwelling Units, and Efficiency Dwelling Units: Accessory dwelling units are allowed in the R-HS, R-R, R-L, R-S, R-M, R-H, R-O, and R-P zones. An accessory dwelling unit shall not be located on any parcel already containing a dwelling unit that is non-confirming with respect to land … Continued

What are the types of “Accessory Dwelling Units” or ADUs?

An accessory dwelling unit is an attached or detached residential dwelling unit which provides complete independent living facilities for one or more persons, and includes separate permanent provisions for entry, living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation on the same parcel as a single-family dwelling. An accessory dwelling unit may also be provided as an efficiency … Continued

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