FAQ Topic: Business FAQs

I live in the City of Sonoma and work out of my home providing services to customers remotely. None of these customers a located in the City of Sonoma. Do I still need a business license? If so, is there a specific category for home business?

Yes, you do need a City of Sonoma Business License. Even though you are not serving local customers, your business is operating within the City of Sonoma. There is no specific category for home businesses, so you would select the classification/category that is applicable to the services you provide.

Am I penalized for not renewing on time?

To avoid penalties, license fees must be paid by February 1 of each year. If payment is received after the delinquent date with a late or missing postmark – the payment will be considered late, penalties will be added and a balance due email will be sent to you.

When do I renew my license?

Business Licenses must be renewed annually. The City mails courtesy renewal notices in December for the following calendar year. It is the business’s responsibility to ensure their license is renewed on an annual basis prior to the due date.

Do I have to pay the State Mandated Fee?

Yes. All businesses are required to pay the annual state-mandated fee. On September 12, 2012, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 1186 (SB 1186) into law. SB 1186 is intended to increase disability access, encourage compliance with construction-related accessibility requirements, develop education resources for businesses, and facilitate compliance with Federal and State disability laws. From January … Continued

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