FAQ Topic: Code Enforcement

What are the City’s rules for leaf blowers?

The City’s referendum-approved leaf blower ordinance prohibits use of gas-powered leaf blowers.  Electric leaf blowers may be used Monday through Saturday (excepting holidays) between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Additional information can be found in this summary of the City’s leafblower ordinance.

How do I report a code violation?

You can use the Service Center on the homepage to report many types of issues online.  For some types of issues (active hazards, highly time-sensitive complaints), you’ll be directed how to report the issue by phone.

How do I report graffiti?

Report graffiti or tagging to the Public Works Department at (707) 938-3332, or use our online reporting form, which allows you to include a description or attach a photo.

What are Sonoma’s smoking laws and how are they enforced?

In 2016, Sonoma voters approved Measure W, which expanded the City’s existing regulations on smoking and tobacco product use. No smoking is allowed in the following areas: Public places such as parks, paths, streets and sidewalks; Public events such as festivals, fairs, farmers markets and concerts; Dining areas such as restaurants and bars; Service areas … Continued

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