FAQ Topic: Jobs

Where can I find current job recruitments?

The City recruits for full-time and part-time positions on an as-needed basis when vacancies occur.  You can view current job openings on the Current Job Recruitments page. Learn more about City employment at our Human Resources page.

How much are City employees paid?

Compensation data for the City of Sonoma can be found at the State Controllers Office. For the City’s current salary schedule, visit the salary and benefits page.

What kind of benefits are offered to City employees?

The City of Sonoma provides a competitive compensation and benefits package as well as a variety of alternative work schedules including a 9/80 and 4/10. The benefits package includes: • Retirement: CalPERS Retirement System – 2% at 55 formula based on highest year compensation and sick leave conversion. Candidates hired on or after January 1, … Continued

What are Sonoma’s Living Wage regulations and how do I get more information?

The City of Sonoma’s Living Wage Ordinance (Sonoma Municipal Code Section 2.70) was adopted in 2004. The Living Wage applies to a very limited number of entities, and only if they employ more than six employees. These include the City of Sonoma itself and organizations that receive funding or financial assistance above certain levels from … Continued

How do I apply for job with the city?

Current openings are posted on the Employment page of the City’s website.  Full-time and part-time positions are recruited by the City on an as-needed basis when vacancies occur. Public Safety classifications for Police and Fire are provided for under separate contract with outside agencies.   All personnel recruitments and information for public safety classifications are handled by their respective … Continued

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