FAQ Topic: New Solid Waste Service Rates

What updates and enhancements will be included in SGC’s solid waste services for residents and businesses in the City if the new rates are approved?

SGC currently provides solid waste services to residents and businesses in the City, as listed online at sonomagarbage.com. If the new solid waste service rates are authorized by City Council, the new programs, services, and benefits will include: Enhanced customer service programs New carts, dumpsters, and debris boxes New collection vehicles New battery recycling service … Continued

What is organic waste?

Food Scraps, Coffee Grounds, Tea Bags Food-Soiled Paper Products Pizza Boxes, Coffee Filters, Napkins, To-go Bags/Boxes (no Styrofoam or Plastic) Green Waste Landscape & Pruning, Leaves, Flowers Lumber, Wood

How do I protest The proposed solid waste service rates?

You have the right to protest the proposed solid waste service rates. The protest must be in writing, and it must be submitted by either the property owner or a current ratepaying tenant. It must include the property service address and/or the assessor’s parcel number, the eligible individual’s name (property owner or tenant), a statement … Continued

Why are new solid waste service rates needed?

The City of Sonoma contracts with Sonoma Garbage Collectors (SGC) for solid waste (garbage, recycling, organics and other) services provided to residents, businesses, and the City. The City and SGC have negotiated changes to the contract which are necessary for several reasons. New programs and services are needed for the City to comply with the … Continued

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