FAQ Topic: Permits & Licensing

What is SolarAPP+?

SolarAPP+, short for Solar Automated Permit Processing, is an online web portal that automates the plan review process for issuing permits to qualified contractors to install code-compliant residential (1 & 2 family dwellings, ADU’s) rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Based on California building, electrical, and fire codes, SolarAPP automatically performs a compliance check based on … Continued

When is a street use application needed?

These are used for parades or other events where total street closure within the City is required, i.e. a race. A Street Use Application may be found and downloaded from the “Form” page (page and link needed).

When having an event in a City park, when do I need a permit?

It is always a good idea to check with the City, and be sure the date you have in mind is open for use. As a general rule, small birthday parties and picnics do not need to rent space, but you would want to make sure another large event is not scheduled simultaneously. If you … Continued

When is an encroachment permit needed?

Encroachment permits are required if you plan to do any construction work in the sidewalk area, in an easement, on city owned property (median islands, parks, city facilities) or in the street. Common reasons you would need one: Utility saw-cuts Excavation News stands Bicycle racks Sidewalk dining Debris boxes Fences/walls Construction staging

Do I need a sign permit?

Many types of signs require a permit.  You can find links and additional information on our business signage page.  Contact the Planning Department for details.

When do I need a building permit?

Building permits are required to build, enlarge, alter, remove, demolish, or repair a structure. This includes everything from houses and garages to commercial construction, tenant improvements to signs. Some work does not require a permit. Prior to getting a building permit, you should first check with the Planning Division to make sure what you want … Continued

How do I get a marriage license?

Birth, death, and marriage certificates are issued by the County of Sonoma Clerk-Recorder’s Office. Contact him on his website or by calling (707) 565-3800.

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