Commercial Cannabis Applicant Interviews Completed and Final Ranking Announced

Posted on May 18, 2020

The City’s Proposal Review Committee (PRC) interviewed the nine remaining proposers who submitted applications to operate a commercial cannabis business in the City of Sonoma on April 28th and April 29th, 2020. One of the original ten proposers (Harvest of Sonoma) withdrew from the process, leaving nine proposals to be considered for selection for one retail storefront operation and one non-storefront retail operation.

Per the City Council’s approved process and policy, the top five proposers are being presented as “Finalists” by the City Manager (to the City Council) on May 27th as proposers who are to continue to Step 3 of Phase 1 of the selection process.

Applicants were ranked based on points awarded in the first two steps of the selection process. In Step 1, applicants were given an initial ranking based on the application (see Initial Ranking Scores). In Step 2, applicants were ranked based on the interview (see Interview Ranking Scores). The scores from each step were then combined for a final score out of 2,500 possible points that determined the Final Ranking. The top five applicants are:

  1. Coastal Retail Sonoma, LLC dba Coastal with 2,453 points (98.12%);
  2. SOPARC, LLC dba SPARC with 2,436 points (97.44%);
  3. R&B Dispensary Inc dba Mercy Wellness Sonoma with 2,397 points (95.88%);
  4. Matanzas Alliance LLC dba Justice Grown with 2,391 points (95.64%) and;
  5. The Lighthouse Sonoma, LLC with 2,390 points (95.60%)

Appeals by proposers that were not selected in the top five have the ability to appeal the action of the City Manager and will be heard on June 8th during the City Council meeting.  At the June 8th Council meeting, the City Council will hear any appeals and select its finalists to proceed to Phase 2 – the site selection and land use (see process chart).

If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Department at 707.938.3681 or by email at

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