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Sonoma City Hall, No 1 The Plaza
Public Counter Hours:
Monday - Thursday:
8:00 am - 12noon or By Appointment
Friday: By Appointment

Planning Department

The Planning Department is responsible for all planning related activities in the City of Sonoma. Key responsibilities  include the following:

  • Current planning (processing applications for planning permits, such as use permits, tentative maps, design review and commercial signs and reviewing building permits in order to assure compliance with applicable regulations).
  • Long-range planning (updating the General Plan, developing and implementing other planning documents, such as the Bicycle Plan, and working with the Sonoma County Community Development Commission on affordable housing).
  • Enforcing the Development Code and sign regulations.
  • Maintaining the City’s Geographic Information System, a database-driven mapping system that currently includes information on zoning, basic property characteristics, water and storm drain infrastructure, and the location of flood plains.

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