1211 Broadway Housing Project

1121 Broadway Workforce Housing ProjectProject Location: 1211 Broadway

Project Description: 1211 Broadway Housing Project is a proposal to divide an existing 0.34-acre parcel into four lots for residential development. The project also includes moving an existing 113-year old, historic 890 square foot single-family residence on the property. Lot 1 would total 2,292 sf, Lot 2 would total 2,704 sf, Lot 3 would total 4,435 sf and Lot 4 would total 5,364 sf. Lot 1 would contain the existing historic 890 square foot residence and the access driveway, Lot 2 would contain a 1,240-square foot single family residence, and Lots 3 and 4 would each contain duplex units with two, 1,240 square foot units on each lot. Lots 2-4 would provide 450 square feet of private open space to each unit. Overall, the development would support 6 residential units.

The applicant is requesting exceptions to minimum lot size, setbacks, parking, and site coverage through the Planned Unit Development process. The applicant is also requesting that the Planning Commission approve an exception to Sonoma Municipal Code Section 19.48.070 B., Parking Space and Driveway Dimensions, to allow a 14-foot wide driveway to serve the 6 units where a 20-foot driveway is required and to allow compact parking spaces.

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