General Plan


The City of Sonoma is updating its General Plan, the road map that will shape the future of the city for the next 20 - 30 years. The current General Plan is a comprehensive long-term plan for Sonoma that was adopted in 2006. This site will provide up-to-date information about the General Plan, including ways to participate, reference documents and City contacts. We invite you to help shape the future of Sonoma!

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Existing General Plan

The existing General Plan was comprehensively updated and adopted in 2006 and encompasses a time frame from 2006 – 2020. Since 2006, the Housing Element has been updated regularly as required by State law, with the current version having been adopted on March 16, 2015. Besides updating the Circulation Element in 2017, none of the other elements have been comprehensively revised since 2006. The current General Plan is comprised of 7 elements:

  • Community Development Element
  • Local Economy Element
  • Environmental Resources Element
  • Circulation Element
  • Public Safety Element
  • Noise Element
  • Housing Element

The General Plan update is envisioned as a major update of all elements except the Housing Element, including the introduction of new topics including Historic and Archeological Resources, Environmental Justice, Sustainability and Climate Change, and Parks and Recreation. Ultimately, a goal of this update is to produce a General Plan that is accessible and implementable.

The Process

The first step will be selecting a consultant to support the development of the General Plan Update. The City released a Request for Proposals on December 5, 2022 and responses are due by January 20, 2023.

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