254 First Street East Project

Project Location: 254 First Street East

Project Description: The proposed project would involve the construction of 31 condominium units in six separate buildings (Building A through Building F). Building A would contain six units while the remaining buildings would contain five units each. Each building would include one- and two-bedroom residential units. All of the buildings would be two stories tall with small portions (approximately 10%) of buildings B, C, D, E and F that would have three story roof decks with a maximum height of 30 feet. Two of the residential units would be available to low income and moderate income individuals to meet the city’s 25 percent inclusionary housing requirement. The remainder of this requirement would be met through the payment of an in-lieu fee to Sonoma’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

Staff Contact: Associate Planner Kristina Tierney

Project status updates and documents are provided below.  Please note that large documents might not be able to be previewed, but can be viewed by clicking the "download" link.

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