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FAQ Topic: Parks & Recreation

Where can I learn more about hiking in and around Sonoma?

A favorite local hiking location is the Sonoma Overlook and Montini Preserve trails.  The City’s Class I bike paths are multi-use, providing opportunities for pedestrians as well as cyclists.  For more hiking options in Sonoma Valley, visit the “Parks, Open Space, and Historic Sites” listings in the online Community Parks & Recreations Directory.

Where are park facilities located in Sonoma?

Sonoma is proud of its extensive park system, totaling almost 80 total acres, as well as its bike trail network and its two open space preserves encompassing almost 99 acres. Find locations, amenities, maps and more on our Parks, Trails & Trees page. For listings of parks and recreational opportunities throughout Sonoma Valley, visit the … Continued

How are recreation services provided in Sonoma?

The City of Sonoma does not operate its own Recreation Department.  Instead, traditional recreational and community services programs  are provided by local non-profit organizations with the support of the City.  Find information about the recreation, parks and community services available in Sonoma on our Recreation page.

Where can I park my bike on the Plaza?

If you’re biking to the Plaza, you can find bike parking at several locations as outlined on our Plaza Bike Parking Map, including the “hitching post” across from the Barracks and Toscano Hotel and at the bike parking sculpture along the horseshoe driveway in front of City Hall, among other spots.  Please note that bike … Continued

Where are the City’s bike paths and lanes located?

Bike paths and lanes are shown on the City’s Bicycle Map. The existing bicycle network in Sonoma consists of Class I pathways and Class II bike lanes, and Class III bike routes. The City’s longest Class I pathway is the Sonoma City Trail, which generally runs east-west and extends for approximately 1.5 miles across northern … Continued

How do I adopt a section of the City bike path?

For information regarding the “Adopt-A-Bike Path” program, contact the Public Works Department at (707) 938-3332. Further information on the “Adopt-A-Bike Path” is available here on the website.

Are dogs allowed in the Plaza?

Dogs are not allowed in the Sonoma Plaza park, with the exception of service animals.  There is a small dog park located near the Community Meeting Room (175 First St. West). You can find listings of dog-friendly parks and open space areas using the online Community Parks & Recreation Directory. The Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau … Continued

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