FAQ Topic: Water

Is every Sonoma water customer required to reduce water use by 20%?

No. The 20% reduction target for Sonoma is Citywide.  Sonoma shall reduce its overall water use by 20% compared to the average of 2018-2020 consumption. Sonoma’s target is not applied to each individual customer, but to the City as a whole. Individual water customers are asked to conserve water, comply with mandated restrictions, take advantage … Continued

What restrictions has city council placed on Sonoma water customers?

To meet the required 20% water usage reduction, the following actions will be prohibited effective July 1, 2021: Refilling or initial filling of a swimming pool from the City’s water system except as otherwise needed to maintain the water level for the proper operation of swimming pool pumps and filters; Use of water for nonrecirculating … Continued

How do I stop my water service?

Customers wishing to disconnect water service must complete a Water Turn Off Form and submit it to City Hall, No. 1 The Plaza, Sonoma, CA 95476. You may also e-mail a signed copy of the water turn off form to the Finance Department at finance@sonomacity.org , however; it is the customer’s responsibility to confirm receipt … Continued

How do I start water service?

Customers must complete and sign a City of Sonoma Water Application. This form may be obtained at City Hall, No. 1 The Plaza, Sonoma, CA 95476, by calling (707) 933-2244 or emailing the Finance Department at finance@sonomacity.org. The completed form may be returned by mail, in person or via email. New residential service customers (includes … Continued

How do I report a water leak?

For water service questions, to report a leak, or water quality issues, please call (707) 938-3681 for immediate assistance during normal business hours. To report a water leak outside normal business hours, please call the Sonoma Police Department dispatch (handled through the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office) at (707) 996-3601. They will contact a City utility … Continued

Is the City’s water affected by the fires or rain run-off?

The City of Sonoma’s water supply and distribution system was not compromised by the fires.  Sonoma’s primary source of water is supplied by the Sonoma County Water Agency.  The Water Agency pumps water that is naturally filtered through rock, sand and gravel from wells about 100 feet below the bed of the Russian River and … Continued

How do I pay my water bill?

There are several ways to pay your water bill: online, by mail, or in-person at City Hall during regular business hours. We are able to take cash, check, money order, and/or credit card at City Hall. Pay online with On-line BillPay Pay via mail or drop-off your payment to City of Sonoma No. 1, The … Continued

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