Core Values

The city is looking for people that believe in the following core values:

  • Diversity - A commitment to engage, respect, and give equal treatment to all in our organization and community.
  • Innovation - Demonstrating a civic entrepreneurial spirit by generating new ideas and better ways of doing things and engaging in reasonable risk.
  • Integrity - Actions are based on honor to create ethical character and a positive reputation.
  • Teamwork - A process built upon common focus, flexibility, cooperation, communication, and the sharing of risk, responsibility and reward.
  • Respect - The obligation to treat all with civility by listening, comprehending, empathizing, and valuing opinions and perspectives.
  • Responsive Customer Service - Meeting needs in a timely, proactive, courteous, and responsive manner by delivering on promises and commitments beyond expectations.
  • Trust - Actions, information and communication are accurate, consistent, open and honest to maintain credibility.

View the City of Sonoma's Non-Discrimination Policy.

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