The Planning Department staff consists of the Planning and Community Services Administrator, a Senior Planner, an Associate Planner, and an Administrative Assistant. Key responsibilities of the Planning Department include the following:

  • Current planning (processing applications for planning permits, such as use permits, tentative maps, design review and commercial signs and reviewing building permits in order to assure compliance with applicable regulations Reviewing of Building Permits in order to assure compliance with applicable regulations).
  • Long-range planning (updating the General Plan, developing and implementing other planning documents, such as the Bicycle Plan, and working with the Community Development Agency on affordable housing).
  • Enforcing the Development Code and sign regulations.
  • Maintaining the City’s Geographic Information System, a database-driven mapping system that currently includes information on zoning, basic property characteristics, water and storm drain infrastructure, and the location of flood plains.

The City of Sonoma is pleased to announce that its city-wide mapping system is on-line and available to the public. Sonoma's Geographic Information System (GIS) provides instant access to property characteristics such as zoning, assessor's information and flood zone designation, as well as city-wide air photographs. To access this service, use the following link: Sonoma GIS 

Note: This web-based service requires the use of the Silverlight plug-in.