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Shop Sonoma to Support Sonoma

Staying nimble and flexible is part of owning a small business.  But this year’s challenges of public health restrictions, changing consumer needs, and a dampened economy are testing the resolve of even the most intrepid local business owners.  The City works hand-in-hand (in a socially distanced sense, of course!) with our business community because Sonoma … Continued

Sonoma City Council Hires Dave Kiff as Interim City Manager

At their meeting of November 2, 2020, the Sonoma City Council approved an employment agreement with Dave Kiff to serve as Interim City Manager of Sonoma.  He will take the reins on January 1, 2021, after current City Manager Cathy Capriola steps down for retirement at the end of December. Dave Kiff is currently serving … Continued

Council reviews workplan progress, priorities for coming months

At the meeting of October 19, staff reported to the City Council on the key accomplishments of the past twelve months.  While in typical years this information is included in the proposed budget document reviewed by the Council in June, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the regular budget development process along with the City’s revenues.  The … Continued

Council receives presentation on Use of Force policies

Mayors and law enforcement leaders in Sonoma County recently came together and made a commitment to review law enforcement “use of force” policies and identify any necessary changes.  The City of Sonoma contracts for law enforcement services with Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, and the operational policies of the Sheriff’s Department are followed by deputies assigned … Continued

Fire & EMS Staffing Prioritized in City Budget

Despite overall City budget reductions of more than $1.1 million this fiscal year, the City of Sonoma’s contract with Sonoma Valley Fire & Rescue Authority for fire and emergency medical services includes continuation of three firefighter/paramedic positions added last year using a federal grant. The City pays only one-third of the cost for these positions … Continued

Reductions, Reassignments, and Reserves: City Budgeting in the time of COVID-19

As the coronavirus pandemic is significantly impacting City revenues along with the local economy, the City’s focus is on supporting the community throughout this public health and economic crisis, while setting a flexible course of action for funding City services. Key revenues like hotel taxes are being closely monitored, and the City’s financial reserves or … Continued

City Facing Financial Challenges of COVID-19

Like many of our local businesses and residents, the City of Sonoma is facing critical financial challenges from the pandemic and resulting shelter-in-place. City revenues, like our local economy, are tourism-driven. Hotel taxes (also called transient occupancy tax or TOT) and sales taxes make up the majority of our General Fund, so businesses being shut down or operating below capacity has a significant impact on the revenues used … Continued

Working Together to Prepare for Coronavirus in Sonoma Valley

Lee este mensaje en español. March 6, 2020 Coronavirus is currently top of mind for many in Sonoma Valley, including our residents, businesses, and community organizations. As you are likely aware, the State of California and the County of Sonoma recently made emergency declarations in response to coronavirus (or COVID-19).   We recognize that the uncertainty … Continued

Trabajando juntos para prepararnos para el Coronavirus en el Valle de Sonoma

Read this message in English. Actualmente, el coronavirus se encuentra en la mente de muchas personas en el Valle de Sonoma,  incluidos nuestros residentes, empresas y organizaciones comunitarias. Como probablemente sepa, el Estado de California y el Condado de Sonoma recientemente declararon un estado de emergencia en respuesta al Coronavirus (o COVID-19). Reconocemos que la … Continued

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