Cannabis Regulation

Current Summary of Cannabis Regulation and Allowable Activities in the City of Sonoma

Personal Cultivation:Cannabis plant
See Ordinance #05-2018 for definitions, limitations and requirements associated with personal cannabis cultivation

  • Indoor:  Personal cultivation of up to six (6) marijuana plants per residence is allowed, subject to restrictions. Applies to both medicinal and recreational grows. Limited to residential properties.
  • Outdoor: A maximum of three (3) plants on no more than fifty (50) square feet in total per parcel with a private residence is allowed for outdoor cultivation of cannabis for personal use.

Commercial Cannabis Activities:
On June 24, 2019, the City Council conducted a second reading and adopted an Ordinance adding Chapter 5.36 to the Sonoma Municipal Code (Ordinance 03-2019) permitting and regulating commercial cannabis businesses. This ordinance went into effect on July 24, 2019.  In summary, the following types and number of cannabis business are permitted in the City with a Commercial Cannabis Business Permit (CCBP):

  1. Dispensary or Retailer - maximum of one (1).
  2. Non-Store Front Retail Business - maximum of one (1).
  3. Testing laboratory - maximum of one (1).
  4. Manufacturing - maximum of one (1) (State License Type N or P only).

On June 30, 2019, the City Council adopted an Ordinance amending Title 19 of the Sonoma Municipal Code relating to commercial cannabis businesses and to permit such uses in specified zoning districts in coordination with the adoption of the new Commercial Cannabis Ordinance amending Title 5 of the Sonoma Municipal Code. This ordinance became effective July 30, 2019.

The City used an Request for Proposals (RFP) process  for applications for 1 retail and 1 non-storefront retail Commercial Cannabis Business (“CCB”).  See the Cannabis Regulation Updates and Cannabis Regulation Documents section of this page as well as the Cannabis Retail RFP page for the latest updates on the process used for Commercial Cannabis Business Permits.

Learn more about the history and Background on Cannabis Regulation in the City of Sonoma.

Additional Information:
Citizens Initiative on Cannabis Regulation
Ballot Measure Y  (November 2020 ballot)

Unincorporated Areas:
For allowable uses and activities in the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County, view the Sonoma County's Cannabis Program information.

Note regarding Cannabis Regulation Updates:  the City Council continued the September 9 agenda item to "Award a Conditional Certificate to SOSPARC LLC, that allows for it to Make Application for and Obtain a Commercial Cannabis Business Permit to Establish a Retail Store-front Commercial Cannabis Business" until the meeting of October 5, 2020.

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