FAQ Topic: Police

How do I pay a parking ticket?

You may pay or appeal your parking citation online by visiting: www.CitationProcessingCenter.com and entering the required information. If you make payment or appeal by mail, send the proper amount of penalty in money order, cashier’s check or personal check, payable to: City of Sonoma. DO NOT SEND CASH! Enclose the notice of parking violation with … Continued

What are Sonoma’s smoking laws and how are they enforced?

In 2016, Sonoma voters approved Measure W, which expanded the City’s existing regulations on smoking and tobacco product use. No smoking is allowed in the following areas: Public places such as parks, paths, streets and sidewalks; Public events such as festivals, fairs, farmers markets and concerts; Dining areas such as restaurants and bars; Service areas … Continued

How do I report a barking dog?

To report continuous and unprovoked barking or howling, call the Police Department business office at (707)996-3602, Monday – Friday 9am- 5pm.  All other times call non-emergency dispatch at (707)996-3601.  

Where can I get fingerprinted?

The Sonoma Police Department provides Live Scan fingerprinting service. You must provide the “Request for Live Scan” form provided by the requesting company/agency. Fees vary and are determined by the company/agency who is requesting this service, all payment methods are accepted. To schedule an appointment, call 996-3602 during business hours  (9 am -5 pm).

I received a traffic citation. What are my next steps?

You may use the Traffic Pay By Web system to pay and close your citation, or to sign up and pay for Traffic School (if eligible). Options to Clear Your Citation If the citation does not require a mandatory court appearance, you may follow the instructions on the court’s Courtesy Notice to clear a citation. … Continued

How do I get a copy of a police report?

Depending upon the nature of the case, reports will be released at the discretion of the Records Personnel. You must be an involved party and named in the report. You will need: photo ID, case number. You may call 707-996-3602 or come to our office during business hours Monday – Friday 9am-5pm to request a … Continued

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