Financial Documents

Current Year Budget

BUDGET IN BRIEF:  a 4-page summary and highlights of the annual Operating and Capital Improvement Program budget for fiscal year 2021-2022 (FY 21-22), as adopted by the City Council.

The City's adopted budget for FY 21-22 is provided below, in the following sections:

BUDGET OVERVIEW: Table of Contents, City Council Amendments, City Manager's Budget Message

FINANCIAL SUMMARIES: Summaries of Organization and Staffing, Funds, Revenues, Expenditures, General Fund Forecast, Reserves

Central Administration
Public Safety
Community Development
Public Works
Community Activities, Non-Departmental, and Transfers

CIP: Overview
CIP: Transportation
CIP: Creeks & Drainage
CIP: Water
CIP: Parks
CIP: Buildings & Facilities

Enterprise Funds
Special Revenue Funds
Internal Service Funds
Debt Service and Agency Funds

Budget Glossary

View the full document for the Proposed Budget FY21-22 here (note: large file size).
To learn more about the budget process, visit the City Budget page.

Report of Financial Transactions

In compliance with California Government Code § 53891 (2017) and California Government Code § 53893 (2017),  the City of Sonoma provides a report of all the financial transactions during the preceding fiscal year to the California State Controller, and this information can be viewed on the California State Controller’s website; or copies of the report can be furnished by the City of Sonoma’s City Clerk, to any person requesting it.  A charge not to exceed twenty-five cents ($0.25) for each copy may be imposed.

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