About Parks, Recreation & Community Services in Sonoma

Recreational opportunities are an important part of life in Sonoma. The City's parks and trails provide places to hike, bike, and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities and relaxation. The City of Sonoma does not operate its own Recreation Department, but instead  contracts with local non-profit organizations to provide recreation and community services. These include youth programs, athletics, classes, senior services, environmental education, cultural arts, and facilities that operate these programs. Through the Council-approved Recreation and Community Services Program (aka the “Community Fund”), the City funds four contracts for core services, as well as several other partnerships and sponsorships of certain community events.

Planning for the Future

In December 2020, the City Council approved a resolution to create a comprehensive, multi-year Recreation and Park Master Plan and to form an ad hoc Community Recreation and Parks Task Force.

Under the direction of the Task Force, the City updated this website to include a "one-stop shop" for information on recreational opportunities, parks, and community facilities in Sonoma Valley.

The Task Force was dissolved in 2022 and in 2023 the City formed the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Commission, which advises the City Council on matters pertaining to the preservation and enhancement of the parks, recreational facilities, and open space under the jurisdiction of the city.

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