Earth Day Business Recognition

Earth Day 2022 Sustainable Business Recognition

In celebration of Earth Day 2022, the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce and City of Sonoma are working together to recognize a local business for its green practices.

Refill Madness Sonoma Recognized for Sustainable Business Practices

The Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce and City of Sonoma are pleased to announce that Refill Madness Sonoma is this year’s Earth Day 2022 Sustainable Business Honoree! Located in the Sonoma Valley Center, Refill Madness Sonoma opened in February 2021 at 500 West Napa Street, Suite 540 with a mission to foster a clean planet and a clean community.

Sonoma Mayor Jack Ding and Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce CEO Mark Bodenhamer presented owner Jana Wang a Certificate of Recognition for Refill Madness Sonoma’s stewardship of the environment through their sustainable business practices including sourcing locally made, biodegradable and refillable products which helps our community reduce waste and decrease its carbon footprint.

Refill Madness is a home product refillery and zero-waste shop. Customers can bring any bottle or container from home to fill up with household staples like laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, cleaning products as well as many bath and body products. They also carry many reusable and biodegradable items to help reduce waste.

Refill Madness Sonoma is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM. Congratulations to the Refill Madness team!

For questions, please contact Sonoma Chamber of Commerce at 707.996.1033 or

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